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Foreign Troubleshooting
AALC limited company has been called upon repeatedly to intervene with senior decision-makers in foreign governments, international financial institutions and worldwide corporations on behalf of clients who have been victimized by arbitrary actions (political, procedural and bureaucratic) in overseas markets.

Planning, Assessment and Project Development
AALC limited company advises its clients on ways to expand and develop markets that have synergies with their overall global strategies and business plans.  Clients have received timely support in developing comprehensive strategies, market surveys, business opportunities and partnership relationships.

International Expertise and Access
AALC limited company offers a superb entrée to key overseas decision-makers on the basis of long-standing, solid personal relationships grounded in mutual trust and respect. Clients of AALC limited company have been provided access both to political leaders, including chiefs of state and government, and to business leaders across a wide spectrum of economic sectors.  As a matter of company policy AALC does not lobby the U.S. Government, but the team has successfully counseled American clients on how to best obtain the information, answers and support they need from their government without involving lobbyists.

Financial Solutions
AALC limited company with its associated companies can provide its clients with financial solutions in the area of project and trade finance, which include investments and debt management.  In addition to commercial financial institutions, AALC limited company can provide access and expertise as it relates to Multilateral Development Banks and Export Credit Agencies worldwide.

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