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Ravi R. Singh is the President and CEO of Trans Global Services, L.L.C., based in Arlington, Virginia, USA. In July 2004, Mr. singh established Trans Global Services, L.L.C. to continue to serve his client base in matters relating to international transportation and logistics.

From 1988 to June 2004, Mr. Singh was the Vice President at Panalpina Inc., Project Division, Washington DC and managed the Panalpina services of procurement, shipping and freight forwarding of cargoes under various U.S. government humanitarian assistance programs. He is uniquely familiar with logistical services requirements and projects contracted by the United States Government. He was a primary point of contact on RFP/RFQ submissions and was one of the principal managers/administrators of all activities completed by Panalpina, USA under contracts to the U.S. Government or contracts financed by the U.S. Government. Successful projects Mr. Singh has managed vary from agricultural food aid shipments on a global scale to special projects, which required fully integrated logistics services for heavy and or oversized cargo. Mr. Singh is intimately familiar with the logistics requirements of the U.S. department of Defense, Department of State, USAID and U.S. Department of Agriculture. He has personally managed, administered and supervised successful projects for all of these agencies as well for government agencies of countries receiving the U.S. assistance, as well as private companies' and organizations' projects that are financed by the United States Government agencies. The projects handled cover contracting of warehousing, land transportation, chartering of ocean vessels and on-carriage at destinations.

From 1975 until 1988 Mr. singh was a key employee of Robert H. Wall, Inc., where he broadened the sciope of logistics service support skills, starting as a Chartering Broker, promoted to Chartering manager and eventually rising to a position as Vice President. When Panalpina Inc. acquired Robert H. wall, Inc. he was retained as the manager of the Robert H. wall, Inc. division. His subsequent promotion to Vice President of the Project Division was a testament to Mr. Singh's abilities as a manager in logistics services of all kinds.

Mr. Singh's long history of experience and accomplishments in logistics services is solidly grounded by his 1969 Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from St. Stephenss College, Delhi University, Delhi, India and his 1974 advanced degree of Masters in Business Administration from the Braniff School of Management, University of Dallas, Irving, Texas.

Ravi Singh, a U.S. citizen, resides in Northern Virginia with his wife Ann.

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