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Emily E. McWithey has a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs, focusing on Security Studies, from American University, in Washington, D.C. Currently Ms. McWithey is an Associate at AALC where she tracks and reports on political and military issues in Northeast Asia.

Prior to joining AALC, Ms. McWithey worked for the Brookings Institution. During her time there she worked on issues including corporate governance, judicial reform, and homeland security. She was also very involved with the Global Economy and Development Center at Brookings—which examines issues of trade, poverty and the consequences of a globalizing economy—where she focused extensively on the role of the private sector in combating global poverty.

Additionally, Ms. McWithey has experience working with Capitol Hill through her internship at Americans for Democratic Action, America's oldest progressive lobbying organization. During that time she worked on policy papers dealing with National Missile Defense and the Andean Regional Initiative. Additionally she worked closely with the Legislative Director to keep progressive legislation on the agenda in the aftermath of September 11.

Ms. McWithey has traveled throughout Western Europe and has language skills in German and Spanish. She graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science in 2003 and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

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