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Yuka Ohta is an Associate of AALC, Limited Company. In addition to assisting the President and COO manage the firm, Ms. Ohta is responsible for supporting corporate clients in their domestic and international business ventures by providing accurate, timely and thorough political and economic analyses of target markets and identifying potential business opportunities and strategic partnerships.

Since joining AALC in 2001, Ms. Ohta has been involved in a number of business activities that include: Monitoring US diplomatic relations with emerging economies in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America; Tracking homeland security and cyber security government and private sector activities in the US and Japan; Assessing international defense markets to support major US defense companies' international sales programs.

From 2004-2006, Ms. Ohta was in charge of organizing the annual US-Japan Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum (US-Japan CIP Forum). The Vanderbilt University-sponsored event is a two-day conference designed to foster industry-to-industry dialogue and cooperation on physical and cyber infrastructure security between the US and Japan. In her capacity as organizer, Ms. Ohta not only executed the day-to-day planning and logistics for the event, but also engaged with US and Japanese government officials and industry leaders to promote and attract interest and corporate sponsorship for the event, devised the forum agenda, recruited top US and Japanese government officials and leading experts from a broad spectrum of industries as presenters, and published its findings in the Final Report.

Prior to joining AALC, Ms. Ohta provided brand promotion services for the Starbucks Coffee Company's mid-West and mid-Atlantic operations at Price McNabb Focused Communications (now Eric Mower and Associates) as an intern. For Starbucks, she identified new markets, conducted brand image surveys in existing markets, and coordinated community outreach programs with the Salvation Army.

Ms. Ohta also has experience in the non-profit sector. In 2000, Ms. Ohta interned for the US-Japan Society of Washington DC, where she helped organize public events to promote cultural exchange and understanding between the US and Japan. In 1999, Ms. Ohta interned at the Smithsonian's Asian Pacific American Office, where she helped coordinate volunteer docents for the "From Bento to Mixed Plate: Americans of Japanese Ancestry in Multicultural Hawaii" exhibit, and organized a series of public outreach and educational programs for community youths and adults.

Ms. Ohta graduated from Davidson College in 2001. A native of Japan, Ms. Ohta has lived, studied and traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. She also has language skills in Japanese and Spanish. Ms. Ohta currently resides in Vienna, Virginia with her husband, two daughters and two golden retrievers.

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