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Mitchell Report
From January through the end of March 2001, AALC provided the Director of Field Operations to Senator George Mitchell’s Sharm el-Sheikh Fact-Finding Committee. In addition to leading the staff operations of the "Mitchell Committee" from the field headquarters in Jerusalem, one of the AALC partners took the lead in drafting the Mitchell Committee's report, which now serves as the basis of the international community’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace.

National and International Sales "Lessons Learned"
AALC has successfully undertaken a series of “after-action reports” for a major defense client.  Focusing both on successful and unsuccessful sales campaigns, AALC has brought to bear an independent view and mature judgment resulting in valuable “lessons learned” for the client to apply to subsequent efforts.  Moreover, these “ex post facto” analyses of sales campaigns have been accomplished with discretion and balance, enabling the client to derive objective lessons with minimal disruption to internal operations.

Disarming Political Landmines
AALC does not lobby the US Government.  We are acutely aware, however, of how action or inaction by governments -- both domestic and foreign -- can affect international business initiatives.  Acting on the belief that the client is his/her own best lobbyist, AALC has proven adept at providing clients with simple, self-implementable game plans and road maps designed to secure the cooperation of government, both in the US and overseas.  Although we have focused mainly on Asia and the Middle East, our scope is, in fact, worldwide.

International Sales Assistance
AALC has been successful in providing advice and assistance to companies engaged in large international sales campaigns.  This assistance has included in-country intelligence, advice on appropriate approaches to foreign officials involved in large acquisition projects, and specific advice to companies on how best to utilize US Government assistance to enhance sales prospects.  Successful campaigns have resulted in a range of sales from defense equipment to Japan to agricultural equipment to Ukraine.

International Troubleshooting
While AALC maintains a strict non-lobbying policy as it relates to the US Government, it has been successful, through the use of its extensive network of contacts and associates, in providing direct support in analyzing and resolving existing problems with international business initiatives.  This “911” service has proven invaluable to clients engaged in activities ranging from oil sector acquisitions in Central Asia to in-country partnership difficulties in Japan.

Due Diligence
AALC does not provide financial due diligence services.  However, recognizing the absolute necessity for very careful evaluation of the reputation, political affiliation(s) and business ethics of potential overseas partners, AALC has provided these services to clients considering business initiatives in Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, India, Colombia, Japan, and U.A.E., to name but a few countries.  Utilizing a network of contacts, colleagues and associates, AALC is able to provide an objective and accurate evaluation of the business and personal reputations of potential partners and their principals, as well as the potential effect of the country’s political climate on the success of the initiatives.

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